In 1974 the late Ishaq Naqwa Sawant (Rahmatullah alai) a local elder, from Bombay (Mumbai), India, kindly gave the use of one room at his property at 7 St Stephen's Terrance, West Bowling, Bradford for the teaching of local children.

Approximately 18-months later, the adjoining property at No.9 St. Stephen's Terrace was purchased and used as a Madrassa. The room's in this property were knocked through to make it into a Hall on each floor in order that prayers (salaat) could take place in congregation. In 1980, the adjoining property at No.11 was also purchased and a door knocked through between No.9 & 11. Plans were to use the two properties as a Masjid. However before this could be achieved, a dental surgery at the current address became available and was purchased. The properties at 9-11 St. Stephen's Terrace were sold.

The property at the current location, a large 4-storey stone-built building, was purchased in 1983 and became the first Masjid in West Bowling. The adjoining property was a textile mill incorporating two small halls and this was purchased in the late 1980's. This enabled an additional 180 people to perform their salaat in congregation (90 per hall).

These properties had a large car park at the rear and some unused land. This land was developed by building a large two-storey extension to the existing properties resulting in an increase in congregational salaat capacity of 700. This new extension was opened before Ramadhan, 2002.

A nearby building, Drove Road House, was purchased from In-Communities in August 2010. This building has been renamed as Madni Centre and this is being re-developed for the several different activities, please click on the Madni Centre tab for further details.

Current Situation
The Masjid now has a capacity for approximately 1100 for congregational salaah. The Masjid is completely full for jumaah salaah and approx 275 people for daily prayers.

  • The Boys Academy is located in the Masjid Building and the Girls Academy is located in Madni Centre.
  • West Bowling Activity Group - are now located in the Madni Centre for a home-work club and Training room. A computer suite and library is to be developed.
  • Newton Street Day Centre - use one room for elders to socialise between salaah and other forms of ibaada.
  • Jazanah Room: built in 2009 as an addendum to the Masjid.
  • Fatihani Room - can hold approx 35 people for Taziyah.

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