Madni Academy

The Madni Academy has come a long way from a ‘single room in a terraced house’, may Allah SW give full reward from His bountiful treasurers to the late Ishaq Naqwa Sawant (Rahmatullah alai) you helped by putting down the first steps in the commencement of a successful Academy for the Islamic teaching of children within the BD5 area.

The Madrassa became an Academy in 2010 with the appointment of our first Academy Principal, Maulana Mohammed Hanif. The Principal is responsible for the running of the Academy to ensure ‘Best Practice’ is achieved in:

  • the teaching of children.
  • implementation of Policies and procedures.
  • behaviour and attitudes.

The Academy currently teaches boys and girls from the age of 5 through to their early 20s'. Our aim is to teach children excellence - both in Islamic practices and citizenship. Our children should be leading lights within the community.

Normally new students are taken on after Ramadhan each year. If you wish to enrol your child at the Madni Academy, please complete the attached form and forward to the Academy Principal.

Current Situation

263 boys
10 'nazaral' classes
3 Hifz classes.
1 advanced (Fiqh) class

158 Girls.
6 'nazaral' classes
1 Hafiz class


Please visit our Facebook page for updates on forthcoming events, news and information.  We also have a YouTube Channel where we will showcase progress on the Madni Centre and other projects.

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